Bostontweet food deals

Bostontweet food deals

I ve mentioned it before in a prior post. Cybernetics will be increased. See this is what happens when you work at fast food at think you deserve From protesting! You are easily replaced! Fast food jobs aren t careers.

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Tenzin Samdo, a celebrated Boston bartender, has died following a battle with advanced-stage liver cancer. Since news of Samdo s death spread on Monday, there s been an outpouring of support on social media from the Boston hospitality community, as well as comments on the GoFundMe dedicated to him and his family. The Boston bar scene has lost a legend. And all of us who were lucky enough to know him have lost a friend.

Rest In Peace, Tenzin Samdo. TeamTenzin pic. Heavy hearts throughout our restaurant industry this morning. Sending love to all. Support Tenzin Samdo https: Doctor Phillip: I ve been an MD for 50 years. You look at Trump s past and compare how he is now. He may have a personality disorder, a psychiatric condition that is observed in his personal and social interactions. What we are seeing now is neurological disease. Good grief. I m 75 and know where my parents were born and where all my grandparents were born.

He does what is known in medicine as "confabulation". This is when a person cannot remember or doesn t know some fact and he just "fills in the blank". This is not intentional lying. It can be psychological, a form of denial or it can be a delusion. It s kind of like a "slip of the tongue". In other cases confabulation is a sign of brain disease. Although the most common cause taught in medical school is Wiernicke s Syndrome, a condition found in poorly nourished alcoholics, it can be seen in other patients.

It can be observed in persons who have dementia, They have memory problems and "fill in the blanks" with whatever information comes to mind Trump s father had dementia and some forms of this condition are hereditary. I do not think the doctors who did Trump s recent medical checkup did a thorough neurological exam or if they did they are not reporting the real results.

He meets the DSM-5 criteria for a personality disorder but that s the lesser concern. He has signs of what may be a progressive organic brain syndrome - a physical or physiological condition - that will eventually become undeniable and render him unfit for duty as President and Commander in Chief. My work there was in retirement and disability branch and I reviewed many medical records to determine if service members were fit for duty or needed to go to a Medical Board for disability retirement.

During my practice I also did evaluations for persons who were seeking disability under Social Security, Workmen s Compensation and insurance. I am not a neurologist but as a Family Practitioner I would refer a patient who had signs of memory loss, problems with speaking, confabulation and delusional ideas to a neurologist. He needs a thorough neurological exam, not just testing reflexes and doing that simple screening test for dementia. I feel a bit sorry for him because denial of a progressive illness by him and his political colleagues may be detrimental to him.

Patients can die because of denial. As a doctor I saw it in patients with diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, alcoholism and mental disorders. Lifestyle Home. Follow Us. Weekend Find My dog is obsessed with this squeakless toy — and I love it, too. Bridget Hallinan. A GoFundMe and benefit have been set up to help support his eight-year-old son. What to Read Next. Yahoo Lifestyle. Who What Wear. Women s Health.

Trump s pattern of cognitive decline alarms psychiatrists. Hello Giggles. House Beautiful.

BostonTweetUp Weekly : Another 30+ Food Green Awards Travel & More

A news-based journal on the Boston restaurant scene. The owner of this blog is also the founder of Boston s Hidden Restaurants , a website that focuses on local dining spots. A local chain of restaurants that features burritos has been sold, and the buyer is its former CEO--and one of its founders. According to a Twitter post from BostonTweet, John Pepper has completed the re-purchase of Boloco from its private equity investors and is now getting ready to do what Pepper says is "a boat load of work" now that he is overseeing the chain once again. Back in the fall of , Pepper resigned from his position has CEO of Boloco, saying at the time that it was "the result of the termination of a deal between Boloco s current ownership and its new investors" and that the deal fell through because "the two parties could not resolve their different views regarding control of the company.

There are almost 15 million people living in New England today. We built Flutter to encourage every individual, no matter their income level to get involved in giving.

Have a smartphone? That means you have a free smoothie waiting for you. Featuring nearly a dozen local startups on its website, DownloadBoston wants people to discover and download apps that will be useful in their day-to-day existence. And this month, the movement is featuring four locally-made apps you can use to get yourself a free smoothie courtesy of local burger joint b. Each startup is assigned different downloading days, giving people the chance to explore a new app, one at a time.


Lunch, dinner and happy hour daily. Outdoor Seats. The Cheap menu satisfies that hunger for that little something unexpected. I had the all you can eat chicken, with 2 sides. Find the winery along Route 3, about ten minutes from downtown.

A Dash of Heather: Step Aside, Chipotle

Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Get a taste of the Swiss Alps but in Rhode Island! Enjoy a 3 course meal and champagne in a vintage ski gondola at the Ocean House Resort. This unique dining experience is available until 14th February. The Fondue Express , a new Alpine-inspired dining experience that not only brings the culinary delights of the Swiss Alps to Rhode Island but a whole ski gondola! The pop-up eatery is available until the 14th February so those wanting to enjoy this culinary experience will need to book quickly to avoid disappointment. A portion of all proceeds will go to the Ocean House Fund for Charitable Giving, which helps children and families in need. Sharks and sea critters are suspended from the ceiling and the bar area features a 3,litre saltwater aquarium. This family-friendly restaurant creates an atmosphere that really makes visitors feel like they are dining underwater. The menu has casual American fare that features tasty burgers, sandwiches, and salads.

BostonTweetUp Weekly : Another 30+ Food Green Awards Travel & More

Power tweeters are people who somehow always have something interesting or useful to say and thousands of people hang on their every tweet. One hallmark of these power tweeters is that despite the fact that they have thousands of followers, they usually will take the time to interact and foster relationships with the Twitter community. People like C. I share stuff that I really enjoy and I filter out the crap. JoselineMane , aka Joselin Mane , 11K followers.

One of a Kind Dining Experience at Ocean House, Rhode Island

Brighton MA http: Food on Travel Channel challenged the undefeated five-pound, patty burger with 20 slices of cheese, 20 pieces of bacon, five pounds of fries and a giant pickle. Boston, MA www. Brookline, MA doradotacos. Cambridge, MA coastsoulcafe. Cambridge, MA www. Boston, MA boston.

BostonTweetUp Weekly : Another 30+ Food Green Awards Travel & More

A little hole-in-the-wall or a five-star eating experience — I love to try everything. Eat out for lunch, eat in for dinner. Lunch deals are great. When I lived in small towns, I looked for lunch specials Monday-Friday. Take advantage of happy hour. Massachusetts state law unfortunately prohibits discounted drinks, but the good news is you can find half-price appetizers before 6pm and on late-night menus. Master a dish you love to eat at a restaurant. I would always eat it out because, when it came to cooking my favorite dishes, I had no idea where to start. Any home cook will tell you — aside from super fancy, imported, or rare ingredients — making a meal is significantly less expensive than having someone else cook it for you.

So we have an assignment for class where we have to follow ten people for a day on Twitter or they can be people we already follow and kind of analyze how they use Twitter.

Sayagle was once again mentioned in the latest Mass High Tech article on virtual goods. The article focuses on the Cambridge based Viximo but includes the following about Sayagle:. Sayagle Inc. Huang, who is also a co-founder at the web-based annotation service WebNotes Inc. He hopes to do so with a built-in instant-message application that integrates with AOL, Google and MSN chat networks, and allows users to quickly post photos and screenshots for friends. Sayagle bridges the real world with the virtual one unlike any application previously known. By integrating the web with mobile communications, social mapping, instant messaging and enterprise level security Sayagle has created the safest location based social network ever known. Free burritos today at the Natick Boloco from 11am-8pm. On Sunday Twitter accidentally suspended thousands of accounts including my BostonTweet. So with that the below headline is hilarious but sadly true. On Monday the Boston Globe published a feature article about the increasing number of Boston restaurants using Twitter to connect with their customers. Below is an excerpt from that article, which thanks in large part to John Pepper Boloco includes BostonTweet:. When Boloco wanted to set up focus groups, market research that would have cost thousands of dollars, the company turned to Twitter. BostonTweet hosts frequent tweetups, events where those using Twitter, a.

So put on your eating pants, grab your friends, and head on over to one of these local Taquerias. And when your tummy is stuffed with burritos and all that Mexican goodness, head on home and wrap yourself in your very own blanket burrito—bliss! Have you been displaced because of construction? Are you without a meal plan and are you looking to grab some quick, low-cost, and worthy-of-your-taste-buds lunch or dinner? Look no further, because El Pelon is just on the other side of the muddy river. Not only will it satisfy your cravings, but it will keep your bank account pretty sound too. Holy guacamole!!

Hear how the Tweeter turned a hobby into a business with more than , followers. He has met the costumed performer at events around town, and frequently enjoys his street performances. Shannon Keating, marketing manager for General Assembly Boston, said organizers wanted to put together a panel on a topic that would speak to a lot of people, and would be unique to Boston. Keytar Bear s character isn t very verbal - he tends to speak through his sweet, sweet music, so his involvement in a panel discussion should be interesting to say the least. One thing is for sure - he is bringing his keytar. Interested Bostonians can sign up at Thewelcomingcommittee. The unlikely duo will converge for a panel discussion Thursday at General Assembly Boston. By Morgan Rousseau Published: March 26, Recommended Slideshows 7 Pictures. Related Articles Tom O Keefe: BostonTweet steps out of the Twittersphere Trainspotting:

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