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Deals dog

In recent weeks the British government has been ramping up its warnings about how a no-deal Brexit will impact the lives of its citizens living in the UK and throughout the EU. In a series of impact notices the government has warned that UK citizens in the EU face losing access to the bank accounts back home, seeing the British driving licences become invalid and in the worst case scenario being unable to fly between France and the UK after Brexit day. This week the government warned that holidaymakers who want to take their pets on a trip to France and other EU countries that will have to start preparing months in advance if there s no amicable divorce settlement between London and Brussels. The paper warns that the current EU Pet Passport program which allows owners to take dogs, cats and ferrets to another EU country as long as it has a microchip and a rabies vaccination would end. Britons in France must start preparing for the worst.

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You and your dog are enjoying a walk through the neighborhood when all of a sudden, you spot an unaccompanied canine rounding the corner and heading your way. It can turn into a bad scene even if you and your dog are both young, healthy, and your dog is confident and well socialized. But what if your or your dog is frail or fearful? Loose dog coming your way, and no owner in sight?

It will help you remain calm if such a situation arises. Being approached by loose dogs, especially when my dogs are on leash, is my least-favorite experience as a dog owner. Of course, this request may be met with varying responses, ranging from appropriately apologetic for their dog having invaded our space, to accusatory, suggesting I am the problem for not allowing my dogs to roam free and socialize. But as uncomfortable as it may be to deal with unpleasant dog owners, it can be even worse to deal with a loose dog whose owner is nowhere in sight!

While every situation is different, conducting an on-the-spot risk assessment and having a mental list of possible tactics can boost your confidence and help you make clear-headed decisions when every second counts. Following are five non-assertive strategies that you can use to deal with loose dogs or avoid them!

As we all know, some situations call for more urgent actions. If a dog rushes at you or your dog, here are some alternative ways you can keep yourselves safe. In general, leashes interfere with natural dog body language, especially when owners get nervous about the situation and without thinking or being aware of it, shorten tighten the leash. In this situation, the leashed dog is unable to use his natural language to effectively communicate with the approaching dog.

Dog body language is like a ballet of subtle and not-so-subtle behaviors that facilitate an exchange of valuable information. When held close to the owner on a shortened leash, a dog is unable to defuse an uncomfortable situation by changing positions relative to the intruding dog, or simply walking or running away. Also, the sudden tightening of the leash easily becomes a red flag to your dog that you are uncomfortable, which can further stress both dogs.

It is for this reason that trainers generally discourage on-leash greetings between dogs even when both are willing participants in the interaction , or at least remind owners to maintain a loose leash during greetings where both parties have given consent. It may seem horribly inconvenient at first, but an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure — especially with dogs for whom encounters with loose dogs are especially challenging.

Depending on the situation, you can always visit the house where the loose dog is often seen without your dog , and kindly ask the owners to contain their dog. Some owners must experience some positive punishment before they are willing to change their behavior. The earlier you spot a loose dog, the easier it is to adjust your walk on the fly or prepare to manage a potentially sticky situation.

All I can imagine is a loose dog rounding the corner, causing all heck to break loose in a very avoidable situation. When the encounter is over, giving the pup a treat will take the edge off of the frightening experience. Stay calm as you instruct your dog to turn around with you, and remember to not choke up on the leash, as a tight leash is a glaring red flag to your own dog. The success of this U-turn approach depends largely on how readily your dog complies with your instructions.

Never underestimate the importance of training. Calming signals is a term coined by Norwegian dog trainer Turid Rugaas to describe a collection of behaviors dogs often exhibit when faced with stressful stimuli, including looking away to avoid eye contact, yawning, lip-licking, and sniffing the ground. Rugaas has postulated that these behaviors are used by dogs to communicate peaceful intentions and avoid potential conflict. My main goal when we encounter a loose dog on a walk, aside from ensuring our safety, is to prevent the loose dog from making contact with my dog.

To help accomplish this, I will purposefully position myself between my dog and the incoming dog, asking my dog to sit and jockeying position as necessary to keep the approaching dog at bay. From there, you can toss a handful of treats behind the dog and as he turns to eat them, you now have valuable time to move away. See tinyurl. Following are some additional tactics to consider:. Even the faintest waft of mace or pepper spray can be extraordinarily painful. The sudden, loud blast of an air horn can often frighten a loose dog and cause him to turn-tail and head home.

Pocket-sized air horns can be found in sporting good and marine stores. The downside to an air horn is that the noise can scare your own dog, too. Many people carry a walking stick, golf club or other similar object that can be brandished as a weapon when faced with an unwanted approaching dog. The goal here, is to intimidate the dog in an effort to stop his approach, not to cause bodily harm. Some people also report success using the sudden burst of an opened, push-button umbrella.

With any of these tactics, be mindful of the potential for scaring your own dogs. Depending on the size of your dog, objects in the environment can provide unique protection against approaching dogs. A client once told me her husband quickly jumped into the back of a parked pickup truck with their small terrier to avoid an aggressively approaching dog. The quick-thinking client of a fellow trainer once put her little dog in a trashcan to keep him safe as she dealt with the problematic loose dog.

Lucky for them, it was trash day and the cans were out on the curb! Whatever approach you choose, do your best to remain calm so as not to escalate the situation with your own panicked behavior. After any altercation with a loose dog, carefully assess your dog for injuries and consider taking him to the veterinarian, as bite wounds can be difficult to spot under thick fur. Write down as much as you can remember about the incident, such as location and a description of the dog, and contact your local animal control agency.

I sooo agree with Chinatouche. I had been taking care of an elderly, diabetic bischon that had belonged to a deceased family member. I loved her like my own child. But I lived in mortal terror of two pit bulls next door that could dig under their fence like escape artists breaking out of jail. They wanted to tear this poor little old dog to shreds Horrible monsters. Their owner was an idiot who never trained them and they bit her dozens of times. Animal Control was called bc they bit other people too I was scared all the time that something would happen.

The neighbor kid with the 2 pitties tries to shoo this one back to its yard but it s scary even to him. The idiot owner is a teen girl, irresponsible and with idiot parents who do nothing to train or contain this beast. I m getting an air horn and I m gonna blast it in the face if it gets loose again I m prepared to kill it too if I have to bc there s zero dog qualities about it.

It s aggressive and nasty and is going to bite someone or do worse If I see this dog loose and being aggressive I ve got no problem taking it out. I also love animals, especially dogs I donate time and money to charities for animals and I m not a bad person. I am, however, tired of living in fear and not being able to get another dog bc other people are so stupid they can t properly train and contain their pets--which of course have to be the snarling beast kind I just wanted to say kudos to Chinatouche for not letting irresponsible people and dog monsters keep her from protecting her own fur babies.

I couldn t agree more. Posted by: Marissawalkslots June 14, I have two German shepherds, the male is extremely dominant with other dogs. In my country, meeting loose dogs is unfortunately quite common dog-culture is rather underdeveloped here. To avoid problems, the moment I spot a loose dog, I give the down command. Quite often, it is enough for the other dog to miss us altogether, as it cannot spot my dogs lying on the ground, not moving a limb.

When I notice the other dog too late, the down command comes quite handy again, as two large dogs lying down instead of doing basically anything else in such a situation is a canine communication outrage: It cannot be interpreted by the loose dog, who often stops mid-run and then walks away bewildered, or even when it comes up to us, it takes a quick sniff and leaves. With aggressive dogs, the trick works because my male dog cannot display his dominance symbols and appears smaller than the opponent.

True, he will growl and give glances that could kill a smaller army: The aggressive dog may circle around for a while, growl, bark, etc. I lose 15 kilos in the process and grow grey but who cares. I am a 64 year old woman and I am going to assume that if a dog is rushing towards my dogs and I exhibiting aggressive behavior and one doesnt have to be a " dog behaviorist " to know an animal is.

I give I d hate to do this. Chinatouche December 12, 4: I have a small Maltese who was rescued, I fostered and adopted him. A dog had bitten the right side of his little face and he almost lost his eye. Needless to say he is frightened of other dogs but gradually with a loose lease technique and living in a 55 over park with other small dogs he has actually made friends with a few of them.

However, down the street leading to our park is a woman who got a puppy and was so mean to him that one day I stopped her on the street and suggested instead of yelling at the dog and hitting him she should check the local Humane Society and go to their free training classes. She told me to "fxxx" off. That dog knocked a woman off a bicycle and attacked her and this crazy owner stood back and laughed.

It attacks even when on a leash and she just lets it. I no longer go where she goes, avoid her and do everything I can to avoid an altercation but she has taken to watching me and my little dog and speeding up or holding back and I know she wants to put us in a situation where she can use her dog to get some crazy kind of kicks. I carry a can of Raid and SHE is going to get it - not her dog who is as much a victim as other people and dogs are.

If I had been that lady she let her dog attack, she would have been sitting in jail and looking at a law suit. Some people are mean like that girl with a pit bull and they shouldn t have dogs. Casper sMom December 11, 8: I live in a neighbourhood with a lot of small dogs. Occasionally, one will be out and as I m walking my 83 pound Lab, rush at him.

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We also inform our advertising and analysis partners about your use of our website. By using this website, you agree to the use of cookies. Now when you buy a selected 12kg bag of Wolf of Wilderness grain-free dry dog food based on the wolf s natural diet, you ll get another 2kg free! Now when you buy selected 12kg bags of Purizon dry dog food, you ll only pay for 10kg - that s 2kg free! Now when you buy selected 12kg bags of Barking Heads dry dog food, you ll get 2kg extra free! Now when you buy selected 1kg bags of Purizon Single Meat grain-free dry dog food made with chicken, lamb, salmon or duck as the only source of fresh meat or fish , you ll receive another 1kg bag free!

Burger King: Participating BK locations are selling classic grilled hot dogs for 79 cents each throughout the entire month of July—which is National Hot Dog Month, of course.

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Which is why we would like to help you check some things off your list quickly. Without wasting any more of your precious time a lot of shopping and cooking to do, we know! So go ahead and get this adorable Christmas outfit that is sure to make them the cutest dog everywhere they go. Made from comfortable material to keep your dog happy on Christmas day and the beautiful designs are guaranteed to turn heads everywhere you take them. With winter coming, all pet owners are making their preparations to keep their pets warm in the winter.

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Provide the best care for your dog while saving money by taking advantage of dog food coupons. To make it easy, we ve put together these dog food promo codes and offers so you can give your dogs more while spending less. Start your search for unbeatable dog food deals with Petco. Find excellent dog food offers at PetSmart. This store has many different brands, from Simply Nourish to Purina, and sells both wet and dry food. Plus, remember to sign up for the email list to receive dog food coupons and promo codes. Check out Dog. This is one of the best websites for finding the top brands of dog food at the lowest prices.

Sonic s Halloween Cent Corn Dog Deal Will Make You Forget Your Sweet Tooth

We like to imagine that all dogs are good dogs — and the vast majority of them never give us a reason to question that belief — but just how good they are is something that can change over time. The research, which was published in Journal of Research in Personality , is the largest study of dog personality ever conducted. Over 1, dogs spanning 50 different breeds were included in the work, which surveyed pet owners and attempted to draw links between life events and changes in the behavior of the animals and their caretakers. Don t Miss: We uncovered similarities to their owners, the optimal time for training and even a time in their lives that they can get more aggressive toward other animals.

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This former Blacksmith s barn which used to house metal and nails has been completely transformed into a luxurious and romantic holiday home situated in a pretty North Yorkshire village. This tastefully decorated townhouse apartment is the perfect choice for a romantic getaway for two. Hidden away high in the hills above Crickhowell, some of the best caving and walking on the doorstep, plus coffee shops, gentle canal strolls and village pubs further down the hill for those looking to laze! With all main amenities within walking distance, this property is ideally positioned. A lovely property forming part of an exclusive complex of luxury cottages on a family run estate, and with an array of on-site amenities allowing fun and relaxation whatever the weather. Cycle over to the country s best book town, snooze in a canoe on the River Wye, or stride out into the Black Mountains. A great family cottage location, perfect for pets too. Fabulous location, just a skip across the river, from the nations favourite bookish town, Hay-on-Wye, the Black Mountain range is in full view, the property exquisitely restored and every little luxury touch thoughtfully considered.

Sara Logan Wilson Updated: March 5, Illness Comments. To sustain this free service, we receive affiliate commissions via some of our links. Our review process. Your pet is a part of your family and losing them can be emotionally devastating. If you or someone you know recently lost a canine companion, we offer you our most sincere condolences. Everyone deals with grief in different ways. Strong initial emotions my preclude the inevitable sadness that comes when the shock is gone. The right time for you, will not necessarily be the same as someone else. Depending on how long it takes you to move through denial and get to acceptance, it could take weeks or it could take years for you to become ready to deal with your grief.

National Hot Dog Day is over and was July Look for new deals on the Money page.

By browsing Sykes Cottages, you agree to our use of cookies. Don t miss out! Your search returned cottages. Single-storey barn conversion situated in the Peak District, near the village of Longnor. Shared garden. Pub 10 mins walk. This stunning bungalow is situated near to Saundersfoot, Wales. Open-plan living. Electric fire. Tenby 3 miles.

Black Friday kicks off the holiday retail season, with shoppers flocking to stores, waiting in long lines and hoping to score good deals. But some of us prefer to peruse the sales from the comfort of our home. Fortunately, Cyber Monday kicks off just a few short days after the holiday weekend and brings an array of virtual deals that are too good to pass up. Lucky for pet parents—the deals last all the way through Cyber Week. If you are looking to pick up some new pet supplies , Chewy has an array of Cyber Week deals that will help to save you money on the items that your pets need. Been looking at new dog beds? Cyber Week pet deals are perfect for reordering products that you are running low on such as cat litter.

We ve brought together a huge range of owners direct and suppliers with a wide selection of properties suitable for groups. We help you to complete your booking whilst giving you last minute discounts, member only prices and the best price, guaranteed. Trusted by our customers as part of the family. For some people leaving a dog behind in kennels when they go on holiday is like leaving a member of the family behind. Much of the UK is open to pets. In summer, some beaches ban dogs though many allow them all year round. Make sure you explore other advice on taking your pet out on long walks, into the sea, and away from home particularly if this is the first time. Read advice by the kennel club. Here at Last Minute Cottages we have put together a list of dog friendly cottages and pet friendly holiday cottages all available at the last minute. All of the properties on this list accept dogs but it is always best to double check when booking in case their policy has changed! This gorgeous 18th-century Grade ll listed town house combines original architecture and features with comfort and contemporary flair. Located in Chapel Street, just a short stroll from the sea front and harbour, guests can walk to a wide v Try a spot of Nessie watching with Loch Ness just 9 miles from this lovely bungalow, or shopping in Inverness with its variety of shops and museums.

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