Psn deals february 2019

Psn deals february 2019

However, after February , PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita owners will no longer receive free titles from the monthly subscription service. PlayStation 4 owners will still receive free games every month, but the older Sony consoles will be left behind. In the blog post, Sony detailed some of the changes coming to the PlayStation Plus model. While PlayStation 3 and Vita games will no longer be offered as part of the monthly rotation, claimed titles will still be available to members that downloaded them previously. This change will affect the large number of PlayStation Plus subscribers that use the service to access free titles, though it is unknown what percentage of subscribers download the PlayStation 3 or Vita titles compared to the PlayStation 4 titles.

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Post apocalyptic adventures and monstrous beasts abound at PlayStation Store! Dark desolation not your thing? Check out the full list below and snag the titles that have been missing in your life — the sale ends February, 11 at 8AM PT. Did you like this? Like this Like this. Another pretty meh sale. Can you guys please work with Bandai Namco to do a anime sale like Xbox is running? Also you have a huge library of PS3 and Vita games that never go on sale.

I know there are more PS4 owners out there but how about throwing a bone to those who still play on your older systems. I have one. People like you need to chill out instead of getting all offensive. That makes zero sense. It would be nice if we could get that on PS4 too for those who already own the game. I hear that. I was looking at Xenoverse 2 the other day and its still Game is from , its amazing how expensive digital games remain. The sale really is meh. But that is Ok.

A pretty lackluster sale tbh. How come you guys never put the big blockbuster ps3 hits on sale anymore like the far cry franchise or the splinter cell Series. I appreciate the Flash sales, but this one is weak. I have zero interest in streaming PS3 games. Gotta love this one. MintberryChamp, You missed the point. Thank you man. I appreciate you chiming in lol. RDR2 is still a top shelf game and still doing well in sales. Or if the demo changes my mind.

The demo was only available the weekend the game came out. If you load the demo, it will not go beyond the title screen. The demo cannot be played…but it was amazing. I agree. I have it in my wishlist. I mean, you could just never get sales instead. Would you like that? Whatever, at least Tetris Effect is on sale.

I was all excited when I read the intro, that Tetris Effect was on sale. I do not see anything that I like, but I love the fact that Sony is letting us know in advance. You can prepare as a buyer. Please continue to do this for us Sony. Sincerely Herosun. THIS is it? The Xbox Games Store has had plenty of more stuff on sale! Something that I at least have been waiting to be on sale for months now! You are entitled.

Sony always has great sales. You need to grow up. Really disappointed by the selection, quality and diversity of recently sales on PlayStation. More noticeable is that the efforts on sales have been dropping drastically on general occasion outside the halfway and end of year holiday sale. Everytime you only work with big or certain publishers, so the selection is more or less always the same and all with similar prices.

All those same game with different package name padded list, confuse consumers and all without adding any values to the game. Not just Flash sales, psplus essentials, double discount, publisher…all those sales share same issues and clearly show what PlayStation is foucsed. No more we love Indies thing, the push for Indies games are no longer exist in PlayStation. Also feel bad about no happy lunar new year sale or even a post or anything mention the biggest holiday for many from PlayStation.

Shadow Fall. Kinda weird that the Flash Sale is so early this month.. This is a Flash Sale? Hubris led to the PS3. If it leads to the PS5, Sony is screwed. Ahhhhh yeah, while of course everyone else is having massive Lunar New Year sales right now, the PS store barely has anything. Kinda stupid if you ask me. Chris Wade Developer, Owlchemy Labs.

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Comments are closed. We need a price cut to sell more consoles. Grow up and learn about it. I have several PS3 games on my wishlist and would also love more sales. No RDR2… big oof. I suppose it only makes sense though, it being the most overrated game in years. Not the sale I was looking for. Nobody was looking for this awful sale. Pretty weak offerings. I like to take Adventures with my Vita.

Would like to see some Vita games on sale. At least Chasm is cross buy with Vita. Must be my browser again…. When does it start? Did I miss it somewhere? Another awful sell…. Xbox get my money this week again. Probably as cheap as EDF5 will ever be without having to wait years. You just need to take 35 more dollars and 99 cents off that Fallout 76 price. Flash Sale is not what it used to be. The listed games are cheaper else where. Developers of Darksiders 3 thought going dark souls will boost their mediocre sale numbers:?

This sale is a bad joke. Clearly, they absolutely do not always have good sales. Also, for anyone interested.. Chasm is cross buy with Vita. There is ONE. Where are these sales? I am not seeing this on the store. Got Moonlighter and The Sword of Ditto. Chasm is also a great game. Is Chasm on sale on Vita.

PlayStation Plus Free Games for February Announced

Post apocalyptic adventures and monstrous beasts abound at PlayStation Store! Dark desolation not your thing? Check out the full list below and snag the titles that have been missing in your life — the sale ends February, 11 at 8AM PT. Did you like this? Like this Like this. Another pretty meh sale.

Yeah, I realise we re in this crazy release period right now with about five brand new releases all competing for your attention, but sometimes you just can t beat a good bargain.

Great news—the wait is over. The selection includes exciting titles like Hitman: The Complete First Season. In Hitman:

PlayStation Plus free games for February

PS Plus February games lineup announcement is expected at the end of this month. It is that time of the month again when we will discuss the upcoming PS Plus games lineup and share rumors, news and our own predictions for them so buckle up and get ready for it. The games lineup for January was different between Asia and the rest of the World. It was an interesting trade-off for sure, but one that might be a better deal for the PlayStation Plus subscribers in Asia. Hold up for a minute!

The cheapest PlayStation Plus prices for memberships in April

Here s all you need to know about the second swathe of releases for , which include For Honor and Hitman. This is going to be the last month that Sony is going to offer PlayStation 3 games as part of the package as it starts to properly ramp up for the PlayStation 5. Microsoft is continuing to throw in Xbox and Xbox games with Games With Gold , but Sony revealed last year they re going to focus on current-gen games from March of this year onwards. Sony also revealed they would be increasing the amount of space PlayStation Plus members get for cloud saves and profiles by a factor of ten -- you ll now have a whopping GB to fill. PlayStation Plus is a subscription service that enables you to reach the full potential of your PS4. You also get betas and trials, 10GB of online storage as well as exclusive discounts in the PS Store. Jump directly to the content. Sign in. All Football. By Alex Sassoon Coby.

PS Plus February games – what are the free PlayStation Plus PS4 titles out this month

So you re looking for a little help to find a cheap PlayStation Plus price? We can certainly help you out there as there s nothing worse for our deal hunters than hearing about people paying full price for things. On the "plus" side that s right, I went there , membership also gives you access to the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection which includes free games each month that are yours to keep while you re a subscriber. The offer format changed recently to no longer include PS3 or PS Vita titles, so you ll only be getting current-day PS4 titles from now on. Membership also gets you exclusive discounts in sales across PlayStation Network and lets you upload game saves to the cloud, which is brilliant for backing up your progress in case your console s hard drive fails. All in all, it s a great value for your money each year. That said, make sure you turn off those pesky auto-renew settings on your console to avoid paying full price, as we ve found some tasty discounts for you with these cheap PlayStation Plus prices.

PlayStation Plus Won’t Offer Free PS3 and Vita Games after February

For Honor and Hitman: PS Plus subscribers have been treated to some good news ahead of the February free PS4 games reveal. There are enough video game soundtracks on Spotify to keep you occupied until the PS Plus games lineup is announced at 4. And this month is a significant one, because it s the last time PS3 and PlayStation Vita games will be offered as part of the service. Of course, there s also a chance that the PlayStation Plus freebies will leak ahead of time. Express Online will update the piece if and when they do. In the meantime, PS Plus subscribers have been having fun making predictions on Reddit. The Witness also seems to be getting some love, especially after appearing on Games with Gold in recent months. Flames of Rebellion is also playable on PS4. PlayStation Plus February free games are about to be revealed Image:

PS Plus February Games Lineup Prediction

Don t miss: Shadows Die Twice. They change from month to month and range from indies to AAA games and everything in between. From time to time there are bonuses thrown in, and sometimes even a free PS VR game too. Great new PlayStation Plus users, the free games for April have now been announced. They are a pretty meaty offering, with a Dark Souls esque action game, and an open world survival game on offer. Here are the free games you can pick up with your PS Plus subscription for April Sony has revealed the lineup of free games which PS Plus subscribers can pick up in March It s a very solid offering, with one of the best shooters of all time, alongside a near-perfect puzzle game. The lineup for PS Plus February 19 has been announced, and it s a doozy.

The game has you take on the role of Agent 47, an elusive hit man capable of hiding in plain sight by taking on disguises.

Customize your javelin exosuit, gather your teammates, and take flight in BioWare s massive new shared-world adventure. Are you ready, Freelancers? The time has come to suit up in your javelin exosuit and take flight in Anthem. Did you like this? Like this Like this. Chris Wade Developer, Owlchemy Labs. Sid Shuman Director, Social Media. This content can be viewed only by people who meet the minimum age requirement. Sorry, you must be 18 years of age to view this content. Skip to content. For a full list of new games coming to PlayStation next week, read on. And enjoy The Drop!

Playasia wishes you all the joy, prosperity, and success! As you clean your house, hang festive New Year decorations, heap your tables with traditional food, PlayStation Store has also something big that they have prepared for us. Complete your Lunar New Year celebration with…. With thousands of games on sale, it can be very too overwhelming to choose what games to put in your carts and include in your growing game collection. With that, we here at Playasia, have trimmed down some of the best games in the sale that you will surely love. Also, please take note that this sale will last until the 13th of February only. According to Ubisoft, the series achieved a new milestone by having the best launch week performance in the franchise for the current gaming generation consoles. Travel on the land and seas, prepare to meet and greet with some legendary creatures, cross the spears with some real champions such as Achilles and argue about moral with Socrates. Discover the reason why the Greek armies are the perfect example of strength and bravery still nowadays.

Full reveal on the link. But we digress because on top of the announcement of the new games coming later this week, there s also a pretty decent offer for PS Plus users going on in the background which most PS4 users might not realise exists. And best of all, this isn t exclusive to new users, but also anyone with an existing PS Plus subscription. Step 1 - Download Spotify to your PS4. You can read an abridged version below, but as far as we can see the only thing to note is that you must be 18 years or older and you can t use this deal with any other deals available. To be eligible for this offer you must have a SEN account and be 18 years or older, and sign up for, or link an existing Spotify account in your name. Country restrictions apply. Offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotional offer for Spotify. If you cancel your PS Plus membership, your Spotify membership will continue but any future recurring monthly subscription fees payable for Spotify will be charged at the then current full price of Spotify as shown on the PS Store. PS Plus membership and the Spotify membership purchased from the PS Store will continue indefinitely until cancelled and the recurring monthly membership fee for each service will be deducted from your SEN account wallet automatically. More important than any of that is the fact Sony give away 24 PS4 games a year, completely free. Once again, don t hang about and forget to download these games because they ll no longer be available once the new February titles go live. PS Plus February latest: Sony reveals excellent deal for PS4 and Spotify users Pic:

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